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IF 19 CMP 9151, BB
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This young bird will be a great breeder for any loft. Also pictured above are the parents "Francis and Apple Blossom" also pictured full sibling "Francis Son" Hoosier Classic Million Dollar Race winner.

Sire: IF 15 CMP 5253, BB, “Francis”, Koopman/Devriendt, Flew Big Andy's OLR 2016 won money 22nd at 400 miles 289 birds. 188th Average Speed against 942 birds activated, 106th/932b 200m. SIRE TO “FRANCIS SON”, 2018 HOOSIER MILLION DOLLAR RACE E=1st, 7th TO TRAP, 22nd Ave Speed vs 2093 birds WINNING OVER $20,000.

GF: NHF 07-1565, “No Doubt”, KOOPMAN - Ken Easly & Son, Blue Bar Cock. Sire of: 2nd Average Speed Vegas Race 2009. 2 x e1st on 250 & 300 miles. 1st Prize California Late Hatch 250 miles.

GM: AU 07 KFL 229, “Ace” Dam of 1st Canadian Internationl 325 miles Silver Cup 1st CanadianInternationl 375 miles 3rd Average Ace Plymouth Peak & 3x e 1st including longest race 375 miles beating both 1st & 2nd Aces

Dam: IF 15 CMP 6009, BB, “Apple Blossom”, VanDenBossche Loft,  
Flew Apple Cup 2015 won money at 10th/114birds 350m, also placed 5th/326b at 200m, 32nd Average Speed against 440 birds activated. MOTHER TO “FRANICS SON” E=1st 7th TO TRAP HOOSIER MILLION DOLLAR RACE WINNING OVER $20,000

GF: AU 14 EASLEY 442, , BB, “Tinkers Deuce”, Ken Easley and Son
Flew the World Ace Challenge series. Equal 1st 300miles, 10th Average Speed. Brother flew Thialand 127th Final.

GM: AU 15 VITAKING 7074, Father was 1st in clock (in 4 bird drop) vs 708 birds splitting 17k prize, (5th place bird did not arrive till 39 min later) 1120 YPM. Mother Inbred Bliksem from a G Son x Sister of Bliksem mating. Dam of =3rd (6th in clock) TripleCrown Classic 300m & =1st (4th 1sec off win) Flamingo IC 300m.

VanDenBossche Loft Website

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