Notice of Shipping Increase 6-25-2019
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item #: 23838

New shipping charges!!!  At this time Ipigeon is going to continue charging our normal $60 dollar shipping.  We understand the old standard boxes have become a shipping nightmare on prices.

We have learned that there is a way to keep the price close to the same. Paul Daniels along with some other clients have been working on cutting down the single box. The height seems to be the issue.

 We also learned there is a 12 by 12  by 11 box available from a company which will keep the price the same. We spoke to Horizon yesterday  they are right now working a new design on their boxes. They told us the new boxes will also keep the old prices.  WE will keep you informed.

If you wish to talk to Paul about how he cut the box go to his Facebook page at  FlyingDLoft   Email him at

Or Call him  918-640-3700

Thanks the staff at ipigeon  Please keep us updated if you know of any additional information on the increase or have good ideas.

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