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AU 2019 JEDDS "6870"
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AU 2019 JEDDS "6870" Blk.Chk.

               Sales money goes to my Brother-In-Law who was recently diagnosed with Leukemia. This youngster is a couple of weeks from leaving the nest.(June 3rd. Delivery) "6870" is also the 1st. youngster bred from our new breeding sensation Belg 17-4243789 Half Brother "Ike". "6870" father "Half Brother Ike" is bred from Chris Hebberecht foundation cock "Jempy". These birds are breeding winners for everyone!  2017 and 2018 some of the Giants in the sport such as Pieter Veenstra and Arie Dijkstra are mating their family of birds to the "Ike" bloodlines for the OLR's. CHN2017 0227000 "Return Flojo" won 1st. Overall Average Speed, 4,109 birds and 14th. Final, 2,627 birds 2017-2018 SAMDPR OLR. Selling for $30,000.00. "6870" mother NL 2015 1849669 "Trini Kwan" is the other half of the breeding recipe using the blood of Pieter Veenstra famous "Dolce Vita" and sister "Chanel No.5" from World Famous "Mr.Blue"! "Harry 385" winner of the 2018 Derby Arona and $120,000.00 is another example of how well the Veenstra "Mr. Blue" youngsters cross on other families of birds! "6870" is going to be a dandy already protecting the nest from my hand! Parents are medium size and keel, buoyant, balanced, square tail with soft feather and rich breeding eyes. We are very excited about the mating of two World Class families and I know you will be to! Satisfaction Guaranteed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mary and Jerry Heilman (509) 366-8845



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