How to Post an Auction Item
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This video will acquaint you with how to post an auction item.

We have improved the process of posting and maintaining an auction item.

  • We have increased the number of pictures that can be posted to display the item. You are no longer constrained to 4 images.
    • Remember it is best to use a reasonable number of them. Use your judgment. Too many pictures sometimes are more confusing. Please be caution.
    • You should not place the pedigrees with the main pictures of the auction bird. This will be addressed later in this video.
  • Another improvement is the addition of video.
    • One video per auction item is permitted.
    • Your video must be posted to YouTube before you post the item. Copy the video URL and save it in a handy location for use when you post the item.
  • We also add specific uploads for the following:
    • The Official Pedigree of the auction item
    • The Pedigree of the Dam
    • The Pedigree of the Sire
    • DNA Document
    • Other Breeder Documents
    • These documents can be either images (jpg, jpeg, gif, or png format) or pdf.
      • The pdf is the preferred format as it will give you the best results; however, image give very good results.
  • Another major improvement is the full text editing for the item’s description. If you can use Microsoft WORD, you already have the knowledge to create professional descriptions.
  • Lastly, the ability to post an auction item that is similar to the one you just posted.

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From the same Seller: 1 bird = $60; each additional = $10
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Will Ship Anywhere; Out of USA will incur extra charges
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