DV 04939 2014 1099 Female Parents are both OLR Winner 1st Price
Direct Daughter OLR Winner BALKAN KING 3:20 h in Front winning!!! and hellas Queen Winner 1st!
item #: 32290

This Hen is out of two Winner of the Race !

Balkan King win the Race with 3:20 h in Front!

Hellas Queen wins the OLR in Greece and breed me the 20 Position Victoria Falls 2017! Luxtra also HOT SPOT 2nd Winner!

TOP One Loft Race Pigeon!

Also !Half -Sister WILDE 13

I offer a direct Daughter DV 04939 2014 1099 out of BALKAN KING! BALKAN KING win the Final Race from 420 Km in Bulgaria Radevo with 3:20 h in Front only 8 Pigeon was back at the first Day we get Position 1. and 4.!!! from two Pigeon where we have at the Final. Balkan King is also the Father to "WILD 13" with 12 Results as a one Year old Hen at the German National System. see also the Flyer with her attached! TOP RACING Pigeon for One Loft Race and National System from 200 -700 Km!!! This will be the BasePigeon at my Loft you will find at the Top Results all over the World most this Strain!!!

The Mother to this Pigeon I offer is Hellas Queen Winner of the Race in Greece very stron and Hot Race! She is also mother to Top Position at Victoria Falls 2nd hotSpot and 1st Training and 20th Final Race pigeon Name Luxtra!! see Flyer attached.

Additional Info! The 8th Position at the Final OLR from 380 Km in Greece was a double Grandchild from BALKAN KING the Name of the Pigeon is STELLA the Mother of Stella is a double Grandchild Balkan King! See at the Pedigree also attached here. BALKAN KING; STELLA and the Pigeon I offer looks all the same. I make a in Line Breeding  Son to Daughter BALKAN KING!

The Pigeon is in the USA! Shipment can be done after Payment direct!

If there will be any question please contact me by E-Mail:

Email:     mail@reisetauben.de

Best Regards

Thorsten Daum

Hubertusstr. 11
D-64853 Otzberg / Germany
Phone    01149 6162  982 -666 english possible!
Fax:      01149 6162  982 -671

mobil:  01149 171 62 86 866
Email:     mail@reisetauben.de
Homepage:      www.reisetauben.de


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