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1st Aces Hoosier Old Bird 2018 and 2019 Mated
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"Blue Moon" and "Lulu"

1st Ace pigeons at Hoosier Classic Old Bird Series 2018 and 2019

We are taking orders for babies from this winning pair. To reserve yours buy this auction now. For more information contact VanDenBossche Loft


“Hoosier Lulu”, Blue Bar Hen

AU17 KV 8827 “Hoosier LuLu”, Bred by Liu Loft;  Aviator, Causing, Koopman, Imbred “Doran”

1st Place Ace Bird by 4 hours 44 minutes ahead of 2nd place, winning $3000. She was the only bird in the series to average over 1000ypm on every race.

Lulu won 4th place winning 2nd Place Money and another $3048 at the final 500 mile race. Only 18 Day Birds

YB 2017 -   856/1331b 150m, 411/1229b 200m, 512/1116b 250m, 263/989b 350m, 267/2093b Ave Speed

YL 2018 -   36/290b 100m, 88/281b 200m, 18/242b 300m, 7/229b 400m, 4/192b 500m, 1/323b Ave Speed

Lulu's Wincompanion Record


“Blue Moon”, Dark Check Cock

AU 17 GENE 311 “Blue Moon", Bred by Doug Sanders, 3X Inbred “Warlord” Alex Bieche's best Schellens cock from Germany;

1st Ace PIGEON at Hoosier Classic Yearling and Old Bird Series 2019, 6th vs 338 birds @ 500m, 13th vs 366 birds 400 miles, 2nd, vs 416 birds 200m

YB 2017 -   288/1331b 150m, 1017/1229b 200m, 270/1116b 250m, 339th 350m, 598th Ave

YL 2018 -   237/290b 100m, 112/281b 200m, 158/242b 300m, 125/229b 400m, 34/192b 500m, 59/323b Ave

OB 2019 – 128/428b 100m, 187/427b 150m, 2/416b 200m, 153/408b 300m, 13/366b 400m $500, 6/338b 500m $1000, 1/485b Ave $3000, plus $995 high roller

Blue Moon's Wincompanion Record






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