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Offspring x Royal Cup Winner 2019 "Francine"
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Pictures above are: "Francine"  facing with current mate "7855", then "Francine" before going to race, next "Francis Son" half brother winner of Hoosier Classic Million Dollar Race 2018 equal 1st 7th, "Francis" father of both and money winner at Big Andy's 400 mile race, and "MamaTug" Francine's mother. Be sure to watch video of "Francine" linked below.

"Francine" 9251 CMP IF19

Royal Cup 2019 Winner, Equal 1st 13th winning $5785

19 seconds out, 1575ypm, 325 miles, 281 birds

Wincompanion Record

We are taking orders for babies from her and currrent mate. To reserve yours buy this auction now. For more information contact VanDenBossche Loft 


We will sell only a few of these.


Video of "Francine"  the day she was returned from The Royal Cup


In these pedigrees you will find:

Koopman, Devriendt, Vandenabeele, Jos Thone Poco

IF 15 CMP 5253Francis,” Koopman/Devriendt BB Cock; Flew Big Andy's OLR 2016 won money 22nd at 400m 289 birds. 188th Average Speed against 942 birds activated, 106th/932b 200m. SIRE to: FRANCIS SON, 2018 Hoosier Million Dollar Race E=1st 7th 350m, 22nd Ave Speed vs 2093 birds $20,000. And FRANCINE, 2019 Royal Cup E=1st 13th 281 birds 325m $5785. 

AU 07 KFL 229 “Emily,” Devriendt Blue Bar Hen, Top 10% Winners Cup Dam to 5289 AU Ace and Dam of 1st Canadian International 325 miles Silver Cup 1st Canadian International 375 miles 3rd Average Ace Plymouth Peak & 3x e 1st including longest race 375 miles beating both 1st & 2nd Aces.

NHF 07-1565 No Doubt KOOPMAN - Ken Easly & Son Sire of: 2nd Average Speed Vegas Race 2009.2 x e1st on 250 & 300 miles.1st Prize California Late Hatch 250 miles.

NHF 07-1565 Mighty Man KOOPMAN Sire to: Matulin 1st NPO Chantilly 17,000 birds. Mabillis 2nd NPO Chantilly 17,000 birds. Emira 1st National Orleans 10,200 birds.

AU 10 WSL 10186 Kleino Figo x Jos Thone Romi Napoleon, Fortuna, Deep Impact. Bred: AU12 TX 6513 won Eq=1st 7th 224m @ 1487ypm. Won 30th 370m @1288ypm. Sirra Ranch Race 2012.

AU 05 APC 1169 Jos Thone Poco Dau 1309 won 13th HCF in 08; Dau 9010 won 2nd in 09 at Texas Convention Center; Dau 8169 won 2nd 300m, 5th 400m, 3rd 500m in 09 at Gulf Coast Homing Assoc.



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