DEISHER 328-17 Blue Bar Cock
Foundation Creator Family
item #: 38227

BLUE STONE - DEISHER 328-17 - Perfect small medium male that is just perfect in the hand!! If you can enlarge the photo, check out his eye, absolutely amazing!! He will pass on the winning genes of his family for many years!! Direct Son of YOUNG SUPER 718 & HARMONY!!

YOUNG SUPER 718 - Grandson of SUPER 718 from the fantastic CREATOR Family!! He is linebred not only to Super 718 but also to DIAMOND RING, 1st National Ace Young Birds, All Holland!! Just check the pedigree and see the beauty of his ancestors, performance plus breeding ability!!

HARMONY - Direct Daughter of Foundation Breeder GOLDEN CREATOR when mated to PURPLE ROSE!! In Harmony's first year of breeding in 2016 she bred DEISHER 184-15 who was 1st Place vs 103 birds, 9 lofts, in the SKY Club in the Central Jersey Combine, and 10th Combine vs 2304 birds vs 167 lofts at 200 miles!! The best of the Creator Family!! GOLDEN CREATOR - Direct Son of THE CREATOR & MEMORIES!! He is a half brother to MONA LISA!! He has been my #1 foundation cock from the very beginning!! He is the grandfather to AU Hall of Fame winners, AU National Ace winners, 7th Place GHC Classic in 2011, great grandfather to One Loft Race Winner in the Texas Gusher placing =1st at 300 miles and 1st place at 400 miles!! My best breeding Creator Family male, true foundation quality!! Performance, performance, performance and the ability to pass on the genes!!

For a complete history of the family tree of the Creator Family visit my website at: You will find that Creator himself was a grandson of a full sister to Super 718, Mona Lisa's mother(Memories) was a direct daughter of that same sister!!

If you have any questions on Blue Stone you may email me at or message me on Messenger.  Thank you for considering my bird for your breeding program.  Respectfully Ron Deisher.

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