DV 04939 2018 656 Male Son last Daught. SEXY LADY and Brother Wild 13 Daught. Balkan King x Ninja
DV 04939 2018 656 Male Son last Daught. SEXY LADY and Brother Wild 13 Daught. Balkan King x Ninja
item #: 48338

>>> Last Chance this Time! Close with 1 March 2021 after you can contact me direct to get any Pigeon or also Youngbird Kit!

DV 04939 2018 656 Male Son last Daugher SEXY LADY and Brother Wild 13 Daughter Balkan King  x Ninja 

Son out of Last Daughter of SEXY LADY! DV 04939 2013 241 ! 

SEXY LADY is the Main Pigeon at my Loft she die Years ago but the Blood is in many Quality and Race Pigeon in my Loft even the Diamond Pair hast this Blood!  SEXY LADY was 1st Regionalverbands ACE Pigeon 2nd was Miss Adebar Female of the Diamond Pair so you see the Top Quality in Racing and Breeding!

Grandfather to 241 is the Nest Mate to the 3rd Position at the Final Race 2008 Million Dollar Race Southafrica! Mike Ganus bought a Brother of him DV 04939 2008 812 see at his Pedigree´s they do well even at the Finalraces! Best Quality! 

Pigeon for One Loft Race and National System!!! This will be the Base Pigeon at my Loft you will find at the Top Results all over the World most this Strain!!!

The Pigeon is still at my Loft in Germany and the Shipping costs must be paid from the Buyer. I can arrange the Transport to Animals to Fly or each other point to ship over Frank McLaughlin will do the Import. Shipment is to manage with Frank! You get the Pigeon ASAP!

We have 2 options for shipping to the US. 

They can go thru Canada and this takes 4 months of quarantine or they can come direct to the US and would take 2 months, but the cost is more. 

$180 per bird thru Canada 30 days at ATF and 90 days in Canada quarantine.  

$230-$250 per Bird Direct to US 30 Days at ATF and 30 Days US quarantine 

USPS shipping from me in the US to buyer would be $60 for first bird then $10 for additional birds. 

Steve McLaughlinlofts

If there will be any question please contact me by E-Mail:

Email:   mail@reisetauben.de

Best Regards

Thorsten Daum

Hubertusstr. 11
D-64853 Otzberg / Germany

Phone    01149 6162  982 -666 english possible!
Fax:      01149 6162  982 -671

mobil:  01149 171 62 86 866
Email:     mail@reisetauben.de
Homepage:      www.reisetauben.de

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