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Off Hoosier Old Bird Aces 2018 and 2019
187 VDB IF20 Cock DkCk
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Pictured above: 187 VDB IF20 Cock DkCk, Parents "Blue Moon" and "Lulu." Get some Ace Blood into your loft.

 We were unable to club fly young birds last year or old birds this year so we are letting these 2020 birds go to make room for the new. Most of these birds were trained to 100 miles and loft flown till now. They are in great condition. They will all make wonderful breeders.

Dam: AU17-KV8827 / BB "Hoosier LuLu" Ras: Koopman/Ganus-Clausling, Brdr: Liu Loft, Y Xin Dong,

Hoosier Classic Yearling 2018: 1st Ace Pigeon won $3000 323b, 4th/192b 500m won $3048 18 daybirds, 7th/229b 400m of 27 daybirds, 18th/242b 300m, 36th=1st/290b 100m. Average Speed was 4hrs 45min ahead of 2nd place bird (Ganus), she was the only bird finishing each race of the 5 race series with a speed faster than 1000ypm.

Dam's WinCompanion Record

Dams pedigree has: AU07-716GFL GANUS "Slate" Sire: NL02-1656210 "Aviator" 1st Olympic Champion of the Entire World Long Distance also declared 1st Olympic Middle Distance Champion.

Dam’s pedigree has: AU07-155CLAUSING family of "Never Say Die" 1st World Free Flight Million Dollar Race South Africa. Winner of $200,000.

Dam’s pedigree has: "Inbred Doran", Koopman, NL05-553317  "Doran", Kras, 1/9670, 221/13008, 58/5737, 159/15431, 119/10512 


Sire: AU 17 GENE 0311, Blue Moon
Flew Hoosier Classic 3 Seasons, OB 2019 1st Ace Pigeon 1/485b Ave $3000, 6/338b 500m $1000, plus $1000 pool, 13/366b 400m $500, 2/416b 200m. OB 2018, 34/192b 500m, 59/323b Ave


Sire is Great Grandson of and triple inbred “Warlord" 551 09711 DV 96 (direct son of the Karl Schellens "De Poot Pair”)

Sire’s pedigree has: "Bold Ruler " 100 % Janssen Inbred " De 64 " From Tini Van Herpen Our One and Only " Bold Ruler " 95 NL 2226645 One of the best Janssen Breeders in America. 100 % Janssen and Inbred " De 64 " " De 64" Cock was selected as the Best Janssen Breeder in the World by Piet DeWeerd. " Bold Ruler " is responsible for many many 1st place wins.

Sire's WinCompanion Record

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