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Off 500 Mile Hoosier Classic Old Birds
30 VDB IF20 Hen “Little Ouija”
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Pictured above, 30 VDB IF20 Hen “Little Ouija” BB Splash, Father "Top Dog" and Mother "Ouija."

 We were unable to club fly young birds last year or old birds this year so we are letting these 2020 birds go to make room for the new. Most of these birds were trained to 100 miles and loft flown till now. They are in great condition and will be great bloodlines for your breeder loft.

"Little Ouija" Pedigree

Both parents flew HoosierClassic OLR as young birds in 2017 to 350 miles, Hoosier Classic Yearling Series in 2018 to 500 miles and the Hoosier Old Bird Series in 2019 to 500 miles.

Mother: 17116 TBW AU17 "Ouija" bred by Two-Be-One Loft"s Bill Ensign.

YB 2017 - 172/1331b 150m,  578/1229b 200m, 26/1116b 250m, 188/989b 350m, 80th ave   

YL 2018 – missed 100m, 172/281b 200m, 136/242b 300m, 9/229b 400m, 43/192b 500m

OB 19 – 157/428b 100m, 93/427b 150m, 234/416b 200m, 143/408b 300m, 58/366b 400m, 37/338b 500m Day Bird, 17/338b Ave

Father "Top Dog"  0872AU17 RRV  bred by Meyler Lofts' James Brashaw, both parents are Schaerlackens bloodline.

YB 2017 -  554/1331b 150m, 487/1229b 200m,  648/1116b 250m, 329/989b 350m, 318/1331b ave

YL 2018 – 100/290b 100m, 149/281b 200m, 13/242b 300m, 128/229b 400m, 47/192b 500m, 57/292b ave

OB 2019 – 257/428b 100m, 21/427b 150m, 19/416b 200m, 25/408b 300m, 77/366b 400m, 221/338b 500m, 92/485b Ave


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