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AU 2021 JEDDS "5777"
"Triple 7"
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AU 2021 JEDDS "5777" B.Chk.Cock  "Triple 7"                                                                           (Double Inbred "Alpha 01-198")  I consider "Alpha" to be one of the best Stud's in the World! He is on the fathers side of pedigrees "Crazy Bird", "Black Champ", "Black 1", "Dormunder" 10th. Final 2020 SAMDPR OLR. and "Vincent" 2nd. Final 2020 Algarve Golden Race! "5777" father DV02910 15 2 "Crazy Bird" winner of 17th. Final and 3rd. Overall Average Speed 2015-2016 SAMDPR OLR. 43 day birds. Also of interest is sister DV 02910 14 341 "Black Champ"  winner of 9th. Final and 4th. Overall Average Speed 2014-2015 SAMDPR OLR. 17 day birds. "5777" mother DV 0410 19 1425 "Dortmunder" winner of 10th. Final 2019-2020 SAMDPR OLR.  "Dortmunder" is "Alpha", "Olympic Zues", "Eurostar Prang", Ringlose", Olympiad 003" etc. the best blood in the world! "5777" is double inbred "Alpha" &"Eurostar". "Dortmunder" blood is all MONEY!  "5777" is powerful in hand, apple bodied, medium build, square tail, balanced, with soft feather and rich intelligent eyes that draw to pin size in the light. You can drop a quarter down his throat. Foundation, show quality and OLR Ready! This guy is a beauty! Satisfaction Guaranteed!  Mary and Jerrys Loft (509) 366-8845


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