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KING ARTHUR - Direct son of HIGH JACKER & STEPPIN' OUT!! Grandson of STRAIN MAKER who is the father of SAID IN SPUN SILVER who was a big winner in the South Africa Million Dollar Pigeon Race!! You will also find WOLVERINE & ORNAT in the pedigree, just a fantastic genetic package to add to a breeding program!! KING ARTHUR is an amazing handling pigeon, he is nearly medium size, buoyant, has a full breast muscle and strong back with a single pin tail.

Sire~GFL 322-2018~ GFL 322-2018 is son of FRANKLIN GFL 317-2017 and BENITA GFL 18-2016. FRANKLIN GFL 317-2017 is son of ORNAT DV 2884-12-541 and SUPER 46 NL 1818146-10. ORNAT DV 2884-12-541 is son of WONDER 757 NL 2884-07-757 and NL 1742584-11. SUPER 46 NL 1818146-10 is daughter of SUPER 8 NL 1970008-07 and PERFECTION NL 1970248-07. BENITA GFL 18-2016 is daughter of WOLVERINE BELG 3181938-09 and ROCKET'S FIND GFL 1009-2009. WOLVERINE BELG 3181938-09 is son of ABRAHAM BELG 3129113-05 and ASKE BELG 3140003-01. ROCKET'S FIND GFL 1009-2009 is daughter of ROCKET NL 9669302-96 and MONA LISA GFL 487-2006.

Dam~GFL 232-2016~ GFL 232-2016 is daughter of STRAIN MAKER DV 1219-05-0622 and GOLDEN NUGGET GFL 63-2014. STRAIN MAKER DV 1219-05-0622 is son of DV 2315-04-0736 and AS TAUBEN DV 1219-00-0175. DV 2315-04-0736 is son of DV 2315-96-0150 and DV 4250-98-0022. AS TUABEN DV 1219-00-0175 is daughter of As. Taube '94 DV 3000-92-951 and DV 2315-93-56. GOLDEN NUGGET GFL 63-2014 is daughter of SAID IN SPUN SILVER DV 01219-12-0029 and UNTAMED DESERT NL 1231153-12. SAID IN SPUN SILVER DV 01219-12-0029 is son of STRAIN MAKER DV 1219-05-0622 and DV 2311-11-1217. UNTAMED DESERT NL 1231153-12 is daughter of ACHILLES 1911076-00 and BELG 6148326-06.

If any questions about this bird please contact us at or contact us on Facebook at Deisher Family Loft. Thank you for  considering our breeding stock to meet your future needs, Deisher Family Loft

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