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Kastle 2087, AA CCTT Gaby
Brother to OLR $$ winners and breeders
item #: 58620

LDHA AA, DRD4 CCTT (456/954). Line bred Mark Evans Gaby down from Shadow, Golden Gaby, Black National and other greats. Siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles have been winning and breeding up to 380 miles as young birds and 500 miles as old birds. Kastle 2087 is smaller than medium but not tiny. He's fiesty and claims top perches. He is loaded with the performance genes and has the most rare combination you can get.  

  • Handles very nicely. 
  • Good muscle but not broad or giant-chested
  • Family of successful racers, including 380 mile young birds
  • Carries recessive opal
  • Homozygous LDHA (AA)
  • Homozygous DRD4 954 (CCTT)


Sire: Kastle 1757 and Dam: Kastle 1899

Together, they are parents and grandparents to:

  • 20th place, 2nd drop, 3 minutes to win in the final 351 mile Apple Cup race with over 900 birds originally entered.
  • 5th place 250m vs 285b.
  • 2nd place 250m Breeders Fall Classic vs. 345b.,
  • 3rd place Western Colorado Youth OLR 150m vs. 131b.
  • 10th place 100m vs. 410b.,
  • 37th place 200m 351b BFC
  • 25th and 32nd place final 380m High Desert Yearling Classic vs 246 birds and only 37 day birds.


Those of you who are familiar with and are breeding with the LDHA and DRD4 genes, you will know how hard it is to get a 4-gene bird. Many people don't know what these genes are and many are quick to dismiss it as if it were the same as eye-sign or some other non-provable theory. The LDHA and DRD4 genes have been scientifically researched and shown to appear more often in Ace pigeons. You can read my thoughts about them here. Short version: I don't think they are a magic bullet, but I do believe they make a difference. I'd much rather have them than not. 

This cock's newphew is LKY 185, also posted at auction this week.  

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