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AU-21-DTL-21226 - 969 Janssen Cock
Foundation Quality 969
item #: 58676

AU-21-DTL-21226 - This excellent handling, medium-sized cock is inbred to "969". "969" appears in his pedigree greater than 20 times. If you are looking for incredible Janssen genetics, this cock is what you are looking for...

Sire: AU-19-DTL-19095 - "Special Charlie" - This cock's mother was 1st in the 2006 Permian Basin futurity race. Further, his pedigree is full of "969" genetics, but it is also full of "969" performance. This is a special "969" Janssen cock.

Dam: AU-16-DTL-16041 - "Sandy" - This "969' hen was an excellent racer for DTL. She was equal 1st @ 128 miles & 1st @ 194 miles. "969" is throughout her pedigree.

This blue bar cock has a good back, tail, and vents. He is a very nice handling cock with a pearl eye. The "969" Janssen will fly well straight, but they also make an excellent cross. This cock should be a good one!

Feel free to call Tim @ 432-559-2623 with any questions.


Tom & Tim Beard

Double T Lofts

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