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A Who’s Who of the best birds in the world!!!
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This is a Who's Who of the

best birds in the world!!

ORNAT- 1st average Car Winner 

ORNAT HIMSELF WON: 1st Car Average Winner 61st Car Race #2-3500 birds 22nd Car Race #3-3299 birds 24th Car Race #4-2960 birds 93rd Car Race #5-2793 birds Grandfather of: 1st Place Bird Victoria Falls 2021 $75K Winner-Mercedes SLK 2018 1st Place Evolution 365 Mile 1st Place Car Race 3 bird Team SAMDPR *1st Place Crooked River Challenge 300 mile *1st Place Crooked River Challenge 350 mile *1st Place Crooked River Challenge 150 mile *1st Place Peace Classic 200 Mile *1st Place Crooked River Challenge 250 mile *1st Place Crooked River Challenge 300 mile *1st Place - 646 Birds Crooked River Challenge 150 mile *1st Place 212 miles- 470 Birds CC *1st Place 350 Miles Blue Bucket 2nd Place Average Blue Bucket 2nd Place 280 Mile GHC (2nd Race) 2nd Place Africa 1000km 1050 birds 2nd Place ACE Bird Yearling Victoria Falls 3rd Place Average Evolutions 3rd Place Grand Average 2017 SAMDPR 4th Place Car Race 2 SAMDPR 4th Place Knockout Race 2017 SAMDPR 5th Place Final Race Victoria Falls 5th Place Final Race 2018 SAMDPR 6th Place Grand Average Crooked River Challenge 2016 6th Place Grand Average 2018 SAMDPR 6th Place Yearling 370 Miles Victoria Falls 7th Place Evolutions 252 Mile 7th Place Final Race 2018 SAMDPR 7th Place Final Race 2019 SAMDPR 8th Place Car Race 5 SAMDPR 8th Place Car Average 2016 SAMDPR 8th Place Big Andy 400 mile 8th Place Car Race 4 Victoria Falls 8th Place ACE Bird 2018 Victoria Falls 8th Place Race 8 235km Victoria Falls 9th Place Yearling 370 Mile Victoria Falls 9th Place Race 3 205km Victoria Falls 9th Place Big Andy 200 miles 9th Place Car Race 3 SAMDPR 2020 10th Place Champ Team PATTAYA


Mother of: *1st 150 Miles Crooked River Challenge *1st 250 Miles Crooked River Challenge *1st 300 Miles Crooked River Challenge 6th Grand Average Crooked River Challenge 8th Car Race 5 SAMDPR 2800 Birds 8th Car Race Average 3085 Birds 11th Place Knock out Winner 14th 350 mile Hoosier Classic 26th 350 Crooked River Challenge Grandmother of: 1st Place 200 Miles versus 2334 birds at Victoria Falls 1st Place 200 Mile Texas Race *1st Place 150 Miles versus 646 birds at Crooked River Challenge *1st Place 265 versus 265 birds at Peach Classic *1st Place 250 Mile Tucson *1st Place 300 Mile Tucson 2nd Place AVERAGE Tucson 4th Place 100 Mile versus 3612 birds and 852 lofts 5th AVERAGE speed versus 3100 Birds Hoosier Classic 7th Place 125 Mile Hoosier Classic versus 2093 birds and 667 lofts 11th Place at Blue Bucket versus 601 birds and 171 lofts 11th Place 316 Mile Sooner Challenge 15th Place 350 Mile Tucson 15th Place 150 Mile versus 482 birds and 134 lofts SB 17th Place 350 Mile versus 2861 birds Victoria Falls 24th Place 131km versus 2880 birds at Victoria Falls 20th Place 220 Mile versus 2051 birds and 731 laughs at the Hoosier Classic 26th Place 400 miles at the Cuevas Classic


*1st 125 Miles Flamingo 
*1st 150 Miles Crooked River Challenge 
*1st Place 200 Mile versus 227 birds Peach Classic 
*1st Place 250 Mile versus 500 birds 
*1st 250 Mile Crooked River Challenge 
*1st 300 Mile Crooked River Challenge 
*1st Place 125 Mile Flamingo 
*1st Place 125 Mile Flamingo 
*1st Place 225 Mile Flamingo 
*1st Place 225 Mile Flamingo 
*1st Place 325 Mile Flamingo 
1st and 2nd Car Race 3 bird Team


GRANDFATHER to equal 1st place Crooked River 150 Miles 
equal 1st  place Crooked River 250 miles 

equal first place crooked river 

26 Place crooked river 

six place average speed crooked river 

14th Pl. Hoosier Classic 350 miles 

8th Place car race number 

5 8th Pl. car average SAMDPR



1st Place 315 Miles 
3rd Place Club and Combine 400 Miles 
6th Place Club 269 Miles 
6th Place Club and Combine 313 Miles 
35 Place Federation 259 Miles versus 307 birds.



2nd Place SAMDPR 


4th Place Grand Average Winner 

Grandfather to 2015/2016 SAMDPR WINNERS 



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