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KFLY 2159 is a stock bird.This is a lot nicer pigeon than my photographs. Race result photo is full brother of Sire RMR 18048 while racing in the High Desert OLR. I've bought some birds off the internet that I wouldn't give away, but the birds I'm offering are good birds that I would be happy to purchase. I'm not going to say perfect, because no birds are perfect. Some are good breeders and some are good racers and most are just birds. When I bought KFL 817, John told me they handle with a deeper keel. They inherited that from the Maximillian hen. He was correct. My 18048 cock is very nice in the hand and this makes a real nice cross.  2159's dam, KFL 817 is a full sister to John Karnofel's Serendipity hen, the 2017 Triple Crown Classic 300 mile winner of 25,000. See John's auction above mine, this week. KFLY 2159's sibling, KFLY 2102, was Ave. speed 6, and ended up 6th vs. 151 at 305 mile final race.  65 daybirds. Sibling was 13th Ave. speed Pacific Northwest Yearling OLR 2021.Sibling KFLY 2037, was 7th vs. 267 birds at 120 miles NURPC Dubois race, 87 points.5th vs. 111 birds 133 miles Spencer Club race. Sibling KFLY 2038 was18th place vs. 424 birds at 83 miles Northern Utah Racing Pigeon Combine, Osgood race, 79 points. 3rd place vs 267 birds at 120 miles, NURPC Dubois race, 94 points.16th vs. 111 birds at 133 miles Spencer Club race. Sire, RMR 18048, is a son of four times =1st Plymouth Peak OLR KFLY 1722. Nine =1sts Plymouth Peak OLR in the sires pedigree. Sibling of RMR 18048, RMR 19236, 500 mile Wasatch Concourse winner. 1st place. vs. 235 birds. 6 daybirds. John Karnofel told me that the KFL 817 hen would produce money winners in the OLR's and he was correct. I'll be breeding more of these and sending them to One Loft Races. They have flown in the top ten percent wherever I have sent them. I have a few more that I bred last year that I will sell also. Both hens and cocks. More information on the pedigrees. These are good competitive birds.  More performance info is under the Other Breeder Documents tab. Call me if you have any questions. 

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