Constans, Kleine-Henne, Combine race winners
Granddam sister to Ironclad,, Nanez bred
item #: 77567

AU 2017 1780 YC H

This hens dam is from Rick Nanez, you can look at the pedigree below. The sire has raised some Northern Utah Racing Pigeon Combine champions and birds that raced real well in the Plymouth Peak Pro Challenge. 1470 sired 1st and 9th place Northern Utah Racing Pigeon Combine 160. Daughter of 1470, KFLY 1987 produced 16th place final 325 Plymouth Peak Pro Challenge OLR. 1470 also sired KFLY 2036, 1st vs. 449 birds at 83 miles, a 1470 over his Daughter cross, that I then stocked and haven't paired yet. KFLY 2020, 1st vs. 315 birds at 122 miles, a double grandson of 1470. KFLY 2019, nestmate to KFLY 2020, 32nd vs. 315 , 37th vs. 522 birds birds at 88 miles. If you want some Red birds in your loft, this is an easy way to start. Blue cock over this yellow hen will give you Red sons and Blue daughters. The sons will carry dilute and can produce a yellow daughter at times. These birds raced against Ganus's best genetics, when they accomplished these wins. We have a very competitive Combine with great handlers and genetics. The Red cocks can sire Red sons or daughters also. I didn't breed her last year but I'll guarantee her to be fertile for six months, if there is an issue. send her back at your expense and I'll replace her with my choice of hen. Call me with any questions. 

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