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ONE LUCKY PAWN - Direct Son of RAIDEN and CROWS BLACK LACE!!! The best of BLACK RAIN and PERFECT DIAMOND FAMILIES!!! ONE LUCKY PAWN feels amazing in the hands medium size cock with great balance and posture!!! Single Pintail!!!

RAIDEN - Direct son of THUNDER and D 151!!!! THUNDER - Direct Son of BLACK RAIN & MIDNIGHT LADY!! My best breeding cock from this mating, he has been around for many years breeding super breeders for flyers across the nation. 

BLACK RAIN - Bred by Michel Van Lint - Foundation breeder here at PDQ Racing Lofts, his youngsters have bred winners all across the USA!! 1st Place Pymouth Peak Challenge OLR 300 miles - 2012 for the Lunch Bunch, bred by Steve Cramer, 1st Place Central Ohio Combine - Flown by Baker & Sons, Top Prizes in Texas for Gary Baker, and so many more!! 

MIDNIGHT LADY - Direct Daughter of SILVER BOY & BLACK BEAUTY!! Silver Boy is the direct son of LATE RODE 430 and DONKER 92, foundation breeders for Ludo Claessens!! 

Silver Boy is a full brother to VOS 77, both were foundation breeders for Ludo and for Mike Ganus!! Late Rode 430 is a full brother to Olympia Queen, the grandmother to SURE BET!! 

Black Beauty was bred by Michel Van Lint and was sent to Mike as a pair with BLACK RAIN!! A super breeding couple from Van Lint's very special family of HVRs!! 

D 151 - Super Andalusian Hen used as a breeder for several years!! Hofkens based!!!!! 

CROWS BLACK LACE - Constans Black Diamond late hatch bred for stock. 80 is bred from my best breeding hen "1601". Responsible for generations of winners. Black Diamonds can handle 100-500 miles with ease. Sire is a grandson of "CONSTANS", RICK NANEZ foundation cock, 80 is a perfect combination of the best tough genetics in the sport!!!

NANEZ 669 - Sire is from full brother to "VICTOR" 1st Final South Africa $200,000 winner. Dam is from the old "SMASH COCK". AN AUSTRALIAN BURTON-GOODGER pigeon that won 3 smash races over the TASMANIAN SEA & amp; OUTBACK DESERT.

CONSTANS - OLR #1 KLASS cock, responsible for +750 top positions in ONE LOFT and FUTURITY RACES including 1st ACE TRIPLE CROWN, 1st ACE RED ROCK, 2nd ACE RED ROCK from the 1/2 bro. to "KONSTANTIN", 1st SCMDPR-SOUTH AFRICA.

PERFECT DIAMOND - Current foundation Black Diamond hen (Guy Quartarone) LandingStrip Loft. This family is responsible for over 65 diploma winners in the last 6 years including top positions in the Southern New England Combine. "1601" children, grandkids bred-42nd vs 166 pigeons 500 miles: clocked early next morning, 1st 100 miles, =1st 100 miles, =1st 100 miles, 3rd vs 221 pigeons 250 miles (13-day birds), 4th vs 221 pigeons 250 miles (13-day birds), 9th vs 221 pigeons 250 miles (13-day birds), 36th vs 221 pigeons 250 miles, 7th vs 285 pigeons 300 miles, 9th vs 285 pigeons 300 miles, 17th vs 578 pigeons 250 miles combine, 22nd vs 578 pigeons 250 miles combine, 39th vs 578 pigeons 250 miles combine, 23rd vs 693 pigeons 300 miles combine, 29th vs 693 pigeons 300 miles combine, 40th vs 424 pigeons 150 miles, 27th vs 365 pigeons 150 miles, 4th vs 439 pigeons 200 miles, 72nd vs 1001 pigeons 150 miles combine, 87th vs 972 pigeons 150 miles combine, 5th vs 970 pigeons 200 miles combine, 32nd vs 219 pigeons 350 miles RIS Futurity, =1st vs pigeons 120 miles NED, 15th vs 115 pigeons 220 miles NED, 42nd vs 113 pigeons 316 miles NED, 15th vs 113 pigeons 406 miles final NED, 7th vs 137 pigeons 316 miles NED, 26th vs 132 pigeons 406 miles NED, 12th vs 348 pigeons 120 miles, 31st vs 1056 pigeons 120 miles combine, 1st vs 82 pigeons A Race 100 miles Ron Warbach, 34th vs 301 pigeons 250 miles, 41st vs 271 pigeons 150 miles, 52nd vs 521 pigeons 150 miles, 63rd vs 373 pigeons 200 miles, 87th vs 709 pigeons 250 miles combine, 11th Ace pigeon NWD club, 15th vs 243 pigeons 150 miles, 15th vs 267 pigeons 250 miles, 15th vs 264 pigeons 200 miles, 23rd vs 1020 pigeons combine, 32nd vs 236 pigeons 200 miles, 88th vs 1150 pigeons combine, 10th vs pigeons 177 miles, 14th vs 243 pigeons 150 miles, 32nd ace pigeon Schenectady Club..

If any questions about this bird please contact us at or contact us on Facebook at Deisher Family Loft. Thank you for  considering our breeding stock to meet your future needs, Deisher Family Loft.

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